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WU XI BAO CHUAN Machinery is located in the beautiful, gathering China international cable town- Guan Lin, transport facilities, pleasant environment. She was found in 2004, footprint 80,000 square meters. There are 32 senior electrical& mechanical engineers, 29 intermediate technicals and 318 experience workers. We are a professional wire drawing machine manufacture. Special in copper wire drawing machine, annealing machine field.

We focus on electrical machine research and development, there are : 9 Dies, 13 Dies rod breakdown machine, 17 Dies intermediate wire drawing machine( chain type, gear type, drawing machine with online annealing), 14 Dies intermediate and fine wire drawing machine, 22 Dies, 24 Dies fine wire drawing machine, 20 Dies extremely fine wire drawing machine, tining-coating machine and so on. In 2003 developed 24 extremely fine wire drawing machine. Outlet diameter is ¢0.025-¢0.08mm. Fine wire drawing machine with online annealing market enjoy a lead position in the domestic .

We have enjoyed a " enterprise develop advanced units", "civilized unit, " civilized unit" and so on fever.

Our product regards GB8525-87,GB10600-89 JG/T5086-96 as standard.

Our product are excellent, welcome friends at home and abroad to BAO CHUAN. And we can provide best service.


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